Nunziata’s Last October Market!

Special thanks to all of Nunziata’s friends that came out to the last September Soda City market! Did any of you miss the big announcement last month? We will be wrapping up our time at Soda City this December and have 3 more markets together! And for those of you who follow us on Instagram and Facebook, we will be popping up with internet-only offerings throughout 2020 (can you say “Marsala Wine Biscotti”?). Follow us on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to see what we are baking this week. Here are the treats that we hope to bring to the market (*asterisks next to the item means this is the LAST TIME they will appear at Soda City!):

*Philadelphia Style Tomato Pie (limited quantities – be sure to reserve!), *Chocolate Hazelnut Biscotti, our signature Pesche Peach Cookies, Cappuccino Biscotti, Pizzelles in three flavors – chocolate, vanilla, and anise, *Rosemary Butter Cookies, Nutella Pizzelle Sandwiches, Blackberry Scones, Prosciutto Parmesan Rosemary Scones, *Anise Cakes, Marsala Wine Biscotti, and *Espresso Almond Bites!!

Send us a message if you need anything held for you the morning of the market.  Really! Do it!!! That way you will be sure to get your favorite items! Did we mention that things freeze well if you need to stock up? Our remaining Soda City market dates are November 23 and December 21. Be sure to come and visit in these last few months. Nunziata will see you at Soda City on October 19! XOXOXO

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