Mid-Summer Market at Soda City on July 14!

Whew.  She knows after living for this long in the deep south Nunziata should be used to swampy summer weather, but the heat and humidity always deliver the one-two punch!  What is your favorite way to beat the heat?  Eating gelato?  Sipping Italian sodas? On the 14th Nunziata will have plenty of summer flavors for you, but she definitely won’t have anything chocolate, lol!  Follow us on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to see what we are baking this week.  Here are the goodies that we hope to bring to the market:

Blueberry scones, Strawberry Amaretto Almond Biscotti, our signature Pesche Peach Cookies, Cappuccino Biscotti, Limoncello Cookies, Pizzelles in three flavors – chocolate, organic vanilla bean, and Anise, Nutella Pizzelle Sandwiches, Strawberry Balsamic Scones, Prosciutto Parmesan Rosemary Scones, Marsala Wine Biscotti, Strawberry Limoncello Fregolotta, and Rosemary Butter Cookies!!

Be sure to send us an email if you need anything held for you the morning of the market – nunziataspizzelles@gmail.com.    Nunziata can’t wait to see you on July 14… don’t melt out there!!!


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